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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

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Histoy 2007
07.01 Certified " Innovation Business ( INNO-BIZ) by SMBA (Small & Medium Business Administration )
Histoy 2006
06.12 Recertified " Venture Business" by KOTEC (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
06.11 Hold Workshop for Enage's foundation 7th anniversary
06.07 Start ASP solution service for Spam Block
First export to Thailand ( Thailand Goshan Co.,Ltd)
06.06 Made MOU agreement with NetCon Technology Pte. in Singapore, to market into Southeast countries
Participate APEC METC 2006 Fair held in Qingdao, China
06.04 Launch solution for US local-version use to supply Mando America Corp.in U.S.
06.03 Moved new expanded building ( 3rd floor, Youngwoo building, Zamsilbon-dong,Songpa-gu)
06.01 Launch 2006' Vol.1 version of G-Ware.
Histoy 2005
05.06 Developed and released various solutions that numbers 10, including current G-Ware and G-Webmail .Net Ver. 8.0
05.06 Currently about 1,000 customers using G-Solution in the fields of enterprises, schools, other public sectors
Released the total solution for the G-Ware Intranet / Groupware / EP / EKP product line
05.02 Contracted for the Microsoft ISV Royalty Program - providing MS SQL Server OEM
Established the strategic partnership with Clunix, a provider of the solution for network load balancing and uninterruptible system.
05.01 Joined as the Samsung SDS partner
05.01 Signed with Mobigen, the Spam-guard solution, for the strategic partnership
05.01 Selected as one of the candidates for the new software best award
Histoy 2004
G-Ware and G-Webmail certified as the qualified government business S/W
Launched the Dot.net-based blog solution G-Blog
Released the internal electronic news magazine G-News
Participated in TIMPS, middle- and small-sized enterprise informatization project - signed up the ERP partnership with DUZON, Information Technology & Consulting Co., LTD., and iTree Co., LTD.
04.02 Signed the contract with Chanil Computer in Beijing for G-Ware delivery
Histoy 2003
03.09 Released G-Messenger, the G-Ware integrated messenger solution
03.08 Signed with TRADP, Yeonbyeon China for G-Solution delivery to 3 Eastern and Northern Provinces and partnerships
03.07 Selected as Microsoft Solution Partner 2004
Participated in the national exhibition of school informatization hosted by the Ministry of Education as the Microsoft education partner
03.02 Developed the Spam mail guard integrated mail engine G-Mailserver 5.0
Histoy 2002
02.12 Released the multi-language version of G-Ware and G-Webmail - English, Chinese and Japanese
02.10 Signed with AIT China on G-Ware delivery contract and partnerships
Developed G-Ware.Net and G-Webmail.Net, the first .NET-based groupware and webmail solutions
02.05 Developed G-Mailserver 4.0, the first mail engine based on MS .NET
Histoy 2001
01.12 Selected as one of the informatization development enterprises for the 2002 Pilot Project of Local Community Committee, the Ministry of Health and Welfare - community and collaborative solutions
Tied up with ONSETEL Co., Ltd. to lunch joint services of the G-Solution ASP
01.05 Released G-Solution 1.0, the ENAGE integrated solution group
01.02 Developed G-Ware 1.0 for web-based Windows servers
Histoy 2000
Developed the Windows server-based web-mail solution G-Webmail 1.0
Selected as one of beneficiary companies from the informatization promotion funds by the Ministry of Information and Communication
00.09 Developed G-Mailserver 1.0, Windows server-based mail engine
Developed G-Ware 1.0, groupware for C/S-based Windows servers
Opened SANTA NARA, the first social welfare portal site in Korea
Developed the web solutions - community, chatting, shopping mall, membership management, personal information management, bulletin boards, etc.
Histoy 1999
99.11 ENAGE Corporation founded
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