Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

Webmail System, IP Centrex Solution, Communication Groupware | Enage
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Webmail System, IP Centrex Solution, Communication Groupware
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Webmail System, IP Centrex Solution, Communication Groupware
Groupware Best Groupware callaboration solution with highly stable and powerful functionality that is closely link with business peration.
Webmail Email system available wherever there is MS explorer. Sending & receiving email by utilizing " Web network".
KMS (Knowledge management)
KMS (Knowledge management) Knowledge management provides a function of knowledge creation to systematically manage information required for work...
Communication Center
Communication Center Providing communication enviroment which is more economic and efficient than the existing one, this solution endows ...
EDMS (Document management)
EDMS (Document management) Paperless office enviroment is now possible just with this powerful EDMS.It is a uniformed document management system...
Instant messenger
Instant messenger Professional enterprise messenger enabling steady communications and information exchange while guaranteeing security.
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