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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

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Webmail (Email system)

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      Admin menu

Administration -Initial setup -Default information
Enter the company's basic information.
Enter the internal information of the company necessary for the use of G-ware like Company, Address, Phone no., Fax number, Homepage,etc.
Attachment size limit : Limit the size of files to be attached.
Password encryption : When the password is saved as encrypted, the database also saves the information as encrypted.
Log in with Employee number :
It is an option to select whether to log in with ID registered in G-Ware ot with employee number registered in G-Ware.
Introduction : Enter the introductory message seen in the Log in screen.
Comment : Enter a end note displayed in the bottom of the Log in screen.
Modify : Able to modify the flash in the main screen.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration -Initial setup - Manage items
Add code screen : When it comes to the use of G-Ware, the position and title within the company and business are classified by code using the [Add Code] as shown below.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration -Initial setup - Manage access IP
Specify IP addresses allowed to connect to G-Ware.
Enter the accessible IP address and subnet mask to determine whether to allow or deny access to G-Ware.
When a user try to access from denied IP, the user is not able to access to G-Ware.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Organization - Add user
Add user : Enter the information of the employee you want to add and then [save] the information.
Security grade : It is classified depending on the employee's position.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Organization - Organization chart
Add department : Add department's name and it's code.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Organization - User
View the user information registered in G-Ware.
Also, you can modify/delete a user registered in G-Ware.
Search : You can search a user by Name, ID and position or click [All] to view entire list.
Employ no. : Display the user's employee number
Status ; Indicate whether the user is active, leave of absense or retired.
Quotas : It shows the total capacity of the mailbox and personal board.
Rating : It shows the user's security grade
The admin grade has all the privilege in G-ware.
The guest grade is temporary given to external users or retirees.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Organization - User - User screen
If you want to remove a user or modify his or her information, clcik his or her name on the list.
You can update the information and save or delete.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Category - Memorial day
You can see a holiday or anniversary and then it will be specified in the calendar of Schedule.
The screen shows the specific date set as a holiday or anniversary in red.
Administration - Category - Bulletin board
It allows you to create and manage a bullwtin board that you can post an important announcement or use it personally.
New folder : Create a specific classification of Bulletin board.
New : Create a Bulletin board for specific purpose.
Option : Set the option of creating the comment field and using anonymity.
Manager : Specify the user who will manage this Bulletin board.
The user specified as the manager can manage the messages registered in this Bulletin board.
Permission to Lookup : Specify the user who can use (read) this Bulletin board.
A comprehensive specification by grade is available , however, the board can be allowed to access to certain department or users via Set Privilege.
Permission to Create : Specify the users who can register a message to the board.
A comprehensive specification by grade is available , however, the board can be allowed to access to certain department or users via Set Privilege.
Bulletin board Description : Enter a simple description of this Bulletin board.
Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Manage Form - Add new
You can create a form with [subject] and [Classify].

Add New :
When writing a form, set the form type to universal so that the form can be commonly used for Internal Communication, Bulletin boards or Approval in the Email system.
All List :
This is the where all the forms are stored.
Here, you can keep all forms by adding other forms.

Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
Administration - Manage Log - Access Log
You can check the access status of Email system and can view when accessed, who accessed, the IP address,etc.
Where there is a problem in the Email system, you can check a simple casue up this log,
User Information :
Click the name in the access log list to open the User Information screen.
Search : You can search by user in the selection box.
You can specify the time period to search. If you want to display the entire list, click the button [All].

Delete : If unnessary logs ar stacked, you can delete those.
Click the check box of the Logs you want to remove and then click the button [Delete].
Delete All : If you want to delete

Collaboration Groupware - Webmail Admin menu     
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