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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

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      Configure - User Info

When you click to [User Info] , the log-in / password window pops up for information security purpose before you start changing the personal information.
You can get into User Info to update as you enter the right password.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure
Screen description : User Information allows you to modify personal information stored Configure, including password.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Display Number ;
Set the number of characters displayed in Internal Communication and Email.
The larger display number may cause Email system speed to slow down.
Select Skin : Configure the Email system screen skin by user.

Editor Height
: Set up the height of the writer editor (The default is 300 px.)
Menu Dropdown :
Select whether the Email system menu on the left is unfolded or only selected
menus are unfolded.
If you set [Drop Down], the sub menu of the Email system on the left is unfolded only when the menu is clicked.
If you set [ Dropdown Selected Menu only], the selected sub menu is unfolded and the previously unfolded menu is automatically folded.

Editor : Determine editor type to be use.
Hide menu : Hide or show the Email system menu on the left by clicking the icon [Administrator] on the left upper corner.
Menu Display : Select [Tree type] or [Top Main - Left Sub type].
Alert message : Automatically show a pop-up window informing the arrival of message.
Alert comment : Select [Alert when register new comment article] or [Don't use alert comment]
Multi Log-in : Select [Allow] or [ Not] for allowing multiple Log-in of same account
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Configure Internal Communication
Manage Folder :
This menu is to set a user folder of Internal Communication.
You can create user folder to manage the documents by clicking [Add].
You can delete all the emails by clicking [Delete].
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Document Filtering : It automatically arrange all the documents received in the Inbox by regular rule.
Forward Document ; Forward the received documents to user preset in the Organization chart.
By checking [ Forwarding option], the document copy can be stored.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Configure :
Configure the Internal Communication like [ Deleting Option], [Sent Box]
[Set Received message],[Set Sent message],[Set Deleted message].
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Configure Email
This Configure menu allows you to set up the overall configuration on Email system like Signature, Manage Email box,etc.
The configuration can be updated as needed.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Signature :
After creating & entering your signature, save it by clicking [ Save].
The stored sognature will be appended to the Emails you send.
Manage Email box :
As shown in the screen , you can add,delete and modify email boxes that there is no limit on the number of Email box created.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Mail filtering :
An email filter is created by entering filter name and three filtering criteria and by selecting folder name that Emails are moved to, which are saved by
the button [ OK ].
Once a filter is saved, an Email meeting to one of three criteria at least will be moved to the designated folder.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Set external Email account :
It is where set external Email account using POP3.
Set external Email screen :
To register external Email account , enter its server name and Password and set up server option and Send option and then save it by clciking [ OK].
Once this external Email account is registered, all the Emails of the registered account are managed together.
Server Mail :
If this option is selected, the email registered in the external account will be removed from the server belonged to when imported.

Send option :
- Deliver new mails only : If this option is set, the new and unread emails only taken when importing emails from external account registered.
- Deliver all mails : If this option is set, all the mails in the mail box of the external account are taken.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Reject Email
This menu allows you to block emails you don't want to receive like spam mails.

Add : Click [Add] and enter Email address to be blocked.
If you enter only symbol @, the entire emails will be blocked.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Response when away
This is to automatically reply to the emails you received when you away for a certain period of time.
Using : Decide whether use [ Auto Reply] or not.
Period of Use :
Specify the period of time for [Auto Reply] to be applied.
Select the desired date from the displayed calendar.
Include Signature : Set up whether your signature will be appended to the emails you send.
Contents : Enter the response when you are away.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Forwards emails you received to other users.
Forwarding option : Check this if you want to keep email copies forwarded.
Address : Enter address you wanrt to forward automatically.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Configure Mail
You can set up a variety of mail preference in Webmail system.
Deleting Option : Set whether an email to be deleted is immediately destroy or move to Deleted mail box.
Sent box : Check to save sent message in the Sent box.
White List : This marks the sender who is internal user or registered in the Address book to distinguish them from another email.
Set Check Receiving : Set to automatically delete the received email after a certain time specified and confirm the receipt mail sent.
Set Junk email : Set to automatically delete spams after a certain time specified.
Mail default Encoding :
Configure the encoding method as default when writing a mail.
The default is set to Korean.
If you use in the foreign country, you can set to Unicode, UTF8 so that the default encoding becomes Unicode UTF8.
Display Option :
- Display Mail : In addition to the default email address, other address to be display can be added.
- Default address : The email address set as default will be used for the sender's address when you send an email to others.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware Configure     
Configure Approval
The Approval menu is to set up or update the electronic Approval system's option before or during the use of this system.
The default options must be appropriately set prior to use Approval system.

[ Set to Away ]

Preset how to process the documents to be approved by you when you are away.
It is applicable only when you check [Set to Away].
1. Representative :
The representative you select in the Organizaion chart will approve the entire document sent to you for approval.
2. Auto approval :
The entire documents sent to you for your appproval will be automatically approved.
3. Approval Later :
The entire documents sent to you for your approval will be firstly forwarded to the next level and then be approved or rejected by you when you come back.

Password :
A separate password exclusive for the electronic Approval system can be set.
This is being use only when you approve or reject.

Approval Line :
The user can enter the approval line when the approval document is written.
The approval line can be preset so that it can be used whenever write documents to be approved.

Modify signature :
You can add or modify Signature by inserting GIF or JPG image file. .
( Optimum size : 45pixels horizontal, 40pixels vertical )
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