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Web based approval system will speed approval process and eliminate unnecessary paper works,
- Approval system is to computerize the approval documents, which have been processed in paper, to eliminate unnecessary resources wastes and release the difficulties of storing documents.
- Approval allows the user to select the approver (s) and concurrence (s) and the approver signature field shows the electronic signature pre-registered.
- Approval does'nt allow any approval documents to be modified or deleted once it is registered.
- After having final approval, the document have number automatically and go to the related document folder.
- Searchable by Writer, Department, Document no. Contents, Form name, Attached file.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval
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Create Draft
Subject : Enter the document's subject for approval.
Approval :
- Specify the name of approver(s) and concurrencer(s) directly.
( When it comes to the sequence of approvers, the first user listed will become the first approver)
- If you click to Organization chart, you can view the current internal organization and select the approvers and concurrencers through the Organization chart.
- If you click to Approval Line, you can use the Approval Line preset on the menu of [ Configure ->Configure Approval ].
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Importance : Select the importance of the approval document
If you select High, the mark ! is indicated in the document list.

Security : Select security class
If the document security class is higher than your security class, you cannot access to the document to be approved.

Confidential : If you request the document approval as confidential,
the document isn't accessible by other users even in your department but only those registered in the Approval Line can view the document.

Attach file : Select the files to be attached to the draft.
Retent period : Specify the retention period of the document.
Approval option : If you select " Include the Drafter to Approval Line", the drafter is also added to the Approval Line.
Request : If you compelte the draft and press the Request, the message " Do you want to submit your draft document to approve ? " is popped up and created document is being process for approval.
Temporary save :
In case you have to temporarily stop creating a draft before to complete or more contents need to be added, save it in Drafts box and retrieve it later to modify or add.
Sent : Specify the department to which the approved document is delivered when the approval process is finished so that the receiving department can redraft the approved document.
To : Specify the users or department to which the approved documents can be automatically distributed for a prompt work process.
CC : List the users you want to simultaneously send the draft to after the draft is approved.
You can add the list by typing the user name or select them from Address book.
BCC : Send the approved document to the users like CC.
However, the list of user entered in the field BCC is not displayed to other receipients unlike CC when they received it via Internal email.
Preview : Click the button to view the entire document to be submitted for approval.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Do approve
- The documents adssigned to you for approval or concurrrence are shown up.
If you select the document popped up, the following approval screec is prompted.
Once you approve it, the document is approved and it moves to the next approver as shown in the following screen.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Do Approve screen
If there are any documents waiting for approval, go to Do Approve menu.
On the Do Approve menu, you can see the list of the documents to be approved.
Pressing the subject in the list of documents to be approved, you are prompted to the approval scree.

Approval status : You can search for the information such as whether the approvers passed or rejected the documents ot when it was processed.
List : Move to the [ Do Approve] list screen.
Approve : Approve the current document.
If you press the Approval button, you are prompted to the Password Entry as follows.

< Approval Password Entry Screen >
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
You can set Password in the [ Configure ->Configure Approval ].
Fully approve : This option allows one of approvers in the approval line to fully approve the documents and then the rest of approvers are informed of its approval completion via internal email.
Modify approval line :
Modify the Approval line upon the approval documents delivered to you if needed.
Modify document :
Modify the approval document, whió is delivered to you for approval as needed.
Cancel Draft : Cancel the draft that you are working on
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Own box
All draft :
It display all drafts to be approved among the documents submitted by the drafter.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
All draft >Progress :
It displays the currently processing documents among the documents submitted for
All draft > Complete :
It displays the approved documents list among the documents submitted for approval.
All draft > Return :
It displays the list of returned documents among the documents drafted for approval.
Handling :
It displays the list of documents that were created or currently approved in the approval line.
Pre-approval :
The users registered in the approval line will approve documents in the order of approval line.
In the [Pre-approval], all users who are in the approval line can preview all documents to be approved which tells the user how much the approval process progress .
When it comes down to your own turn, the corresponding document disappears from Pre-approval box and appeara in [ Do Approve] where the user can approve it.
Drafts box :
It displays the list of documents temporarily saved in Drafts box.
To update and submit the documents retrieved from Drafts box, click to [Modify Draft] button.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Dept¡®s box
Progress :
It shows the progress status of the documents that drafted in the associated department for approval.
For instance, the drafter belongs to Administrative department, the list of approval documents submitted by the Administrative department is displayed.
Collaboration Groupware - Groupware E-approval     
Complete :
It displays the approved documents among the documents submitted in the associated department for approval.
Return :
It lists returned documents among the documents submitted in the associated department for approval.
Sent official document :
All the approved documents sent to other organization, sent in a official documents format.
You can use this option when required to change an approved document to the document format to other companies or government organizations.
Using " Sent official doc." , you can change the corresponding document to a basic official document and fill out the entry fields in the converted document and make a hard copy of it and can be send.
Dept. In / Out Document
Received :
You can check all of approval documents received from other departments among the documents related to the department in the In/Out Doc. box. Sent :
You can check all of approval documents sent to other departments among the documents related to the department in the In/Out Doc.box.
Received Draft Complete :
It it where approved documents , out of the approval documents received from other department, are stored in.
Received Draft Return :
It is where rejected documents, out of approval documents received from other departments, are stored in.
All In-Draft
You can view all the pending , completed ,returned , expired and sent official approval documents within G-Ware.
The user with the security level of higher than or equal to Class 1 are able to view all kinds of approval documents regardless of department and able to delete approval documents.

Progress : Show all the documents in progress within the organization
Complete : List all the approval documents with the organization
Return : Show all the returned documents during the approval process
Expired : Show all the documents expired for the retention period in the Complete box.
Sent Official Doc. : Display all the approved docuemnts sent in an official format within the organization.
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