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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

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EDMS (Electronic Document management System)

Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Main Function Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Internal mail Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Bulletin board Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Notice board
Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) address book Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Scheduling Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Web Storage Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System) Admin menu

      EDMS (Electronic Document management System)

Paperless office enviroment is now possible just with this powerful EDMS.
It is a uniformed document management system, which effectively manages and archves the massive electronic documents in sync with the core workflow system from which information is generated based upon the newly invented digital document management system, departing from the conventional paper type document system .
Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System)
- Integration with Internal email ( Available registered document's distribution to other user through Internal Email)
- Available life cycle management from registration to deletion
- Tree structured folder
- Document an file storage in a variety of format.
- Intensified document security management
- Document profile management ; who/when/how a document was changed
- Available classification by Personal , Department, Common use
- Privilege setting by document box and document
- Integrated search by subject, abstract and content
- Check-in/out function prevent from cross revision
- One line comment on registered document
- Statistics of document registration by individual or department
Document Box

It is where all the document can be stored and viewed.
- Searchable by subject,writer,keyword,abstract,contents and attach file,

View Document screen
This is the place where the posted document can be viewed, modified and distributed through Internal communication.

Check -out
It features Check-out and Check-in, to prevent the corresponding document from being redundantly modified.
Those features enable the document modification and version update after a revision is made.
After the document modification is completed, be sure to click the Check-in button.
Otherwise, it disables other user to modify the corresponding documents.

Document History : It displays the information about the document's inquiry events, which document, who and when.
List : Return to the Documnet list of the Document box.
Distribution : The corresponding document can be sent out to a specific user by clicking the Distribution button via Internal Communication.

Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System)     
Write Document
Classify : Assign the category of the document to be registered
To assign the catgory, go to Administration > Manage E-Document > E-Doc. Category.
Storage period : Select the storage period of the document to be posted.
The expired document is automatically deleted.
Security : Adjust the security level of the document to be posted.
Version : The basic version 0.1 is assigned to the document initially posted, which increase according to the version update.
Each version of a document shows its revision history.
Subject : Enter the document title.
Keyword : Enter the keywords to be searched in the Document box.
Abstract : Add up the summary of the document.
The posted document can be searched using the search option of Abstract.
File attachment : Upload the files to be attached to the document that will be posted.
Collaboration Groupware - EDMS (Electronic Document management System)     
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