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KMS (Knowledge management System)

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      KMS (Knowledge management System)

Knowledge management provides a function of knowledge creation to systematically manage information required for work and make them more valuable.
Once knowledge is created, it is evaluated by executives and employees.
KMS gives some mileage points to each knowledge item - it is called " Knowledge mileage points" -by evaluation, inquiry and registration.
KMS manages items that gained mileage points systematically so that they can create knowledge.
KMS also provides a function of statistics of knowledge.
About KMS
The Knowledge management system is an institutional support to efficiently conduct knowledge management practice like Knowledge creation, sharing and application.
It provides motivation for knowledge practice.
The evaluation and compensation system is especially to appropriately and correspondingly compensate to organization members for the outcomes from Knowledge contribution activities so that the process is reactivated and maximizes te effect of knowledge management.
The knowledge proposal system supports knowledge creation.
The Inhouse expert system, Knowledge incentive system and Knowledge mileage system support sharing knowledge.
The Q & A system and Internal certification system support Knowledge application.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
Why need Motivation ?
- It is need to motivate them to draw out knowledge individuals posses.
- Knowledge practice cannot basically be driven without individual's effort and sacrifice.
So, it is required to plan to motivate them in order to make them devote to carrying out knowledge practice.
- In carrying out knowledge practice, it is also necessary to set up supporting system to acquire supply and demand channels and to efficiently anage knowledge exchange mechanism.
[ Knowledge Process ]
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
[ Knowledge management process ]
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
[ Evaluation & compensation process ]
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
Integrate with Groupware to make the knowledge in the Groupware.
[Knowledge registration]
Knowledge scattered inside the company can be separately registered.
It supports the statistics of knowledge registration status by individual/department.
It provides registration from [Add file] or [Web folder]
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
[ Knowledge evaluation ]
KMS can evaluate registered knowledge and provide the evaluation events by " General" & "Expert".
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)
[Weight system]
Puts weight on each knowledge to manage important document.
It notify appropriate knowledge to a specific person viz Internal mail system.
[ Search function ]

KMS provides a function of detailed search by Subject , Register, Keyword, Abstract, Contents, Attach file,etc.
[ Mileage ]
KMS provides a function to grant mileage to registered knowledge depending on
- New knowledge point
- Version update
- Evaluation activity points (Inquiry and Valuation)
- Q &A points ( question and answer)
- Weighted points by " Evaluation by geberal or Expert "
Window description (Initial screen)
Knowledge management is a corporate information system that systemizes individual knowledge accumulated by human resources in the organization so that they can share their knowledge to improve corporate competitiveness.

Main window displays important items like " Best Knowledge, Popular Knowledge, Newly registered Knowledge, My approval Knowledge, Knowledge waiting for approval, My waiting Knowledge.

In addition, it provides a variety of statistics information by using mileage information obtained from knowledge activities.
- User rank, User rank of month, Department rank, Department rank of month, etc
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
Add new (Knowledge registration)
Knowledge scattered in the company can be separately registered.
If you click [Save] button after filling out this form, your knowledge is registered.

Classify : Select one of category for Knowledge registration.
Knowledge map : Select one Knowledge map to be registered and stored in the knowledge.
Subject : Input the Title of knowledge.
Keyword : Input a keyword when searching knowledge.
Abstract : You can register various words realted to registered knowledge in order to search it more easily in the next time.
This word can be separated by a comma (.).
Source : Select one category when registering knowledge
Details : Input website address or detail information about knowledge sources
Attach files : Add attach files associated with registered knowledge.
Reference knowledge : In casae of referring to registered knowledge, you can find it by clicking [Add] button and then attach it.
Retention period : Designate retention period when registering knowledge.
Security : If you designate your knowledge grade higher than other user's grade, some users who have lower security grade cannot see the knowledge you registered.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
Knowledge Map
Knowledge map aims at freely sharing knowledge by registering knowledge and designating it to a group called [map].
When registering knowledge, you can designate it at appropriate map and manage the knowledge individually.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
Registered Knowledge
Manage : This is to modify,delete or scrap the registered knowledge.
List : All the list of knowledge registered.
Update : It is to update he registered knowledge.
Once knowledge is updated, knowledge version is upgraded to leave old knowledge unchanged.
Copy : This is to copy knowledge registered in other knowledge map.
New knowledge : You can use this to register new knowledge while searching knowledge documents.
Distribute : If you click [ Distribute] , you can send the registered knowledge to a specific user via Internal mail.
Evaluate : You can click a point ranging from 1 to 10 to evaluate registered knowledge.
All evaluated points are averaged by general or expert and given the user who registered the knowledge as a mileage.
Details : By clicking [ Details], you can see information about detailed evaluations (Satisfaction level) of registered knowledge.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
My Knowledge
This is where listed all knowledges you registered.
You can search, manage and modify your knowledge.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
My Mileage
You can check your mileage information on the knowledge list you registered.
You can also see the status of mileage points of your knowledge.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
All user mileage
You can check all mileage information of all user.
You can also see the status of mileage points of all registered users.
Collaboration Groupware - KMS (Knowledge management System)     
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