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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

Collaboration Groupware
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Instant messenger
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Instant messenger

Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Feature Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Main Screen Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Chatting Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Receive message
Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Option      

      Main Screen

It shows all menus users can use.
Collaboration Groupware - Instant messenger Main Screen
User List
There are 3user types in the Messenger.
- My List : Each user can create his own groups and add user.
               : Make a new group, Change group name, Delete group
               : Add user at " My dept, All members and Search " and delete user at My List".
- Dept. ; Your department member will be listed.
- All : All member of your company will be listed.
Send message/file
Send message or file to one user or multiple users,groups anu all members at once.

Send message : Select user or group and click right side mause and select " Send a message or File".
Add or delete receivers : At send message window, you can add or delete receivers by clicking "add/delete receiver¡°
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