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 Past 10yrs, Enage has a good reputation of manufacturing various webmail system, server load balancer, collaboration groupware and IP pbx solutions. We are the leader of webmail system, IP centrex solution, communication groupware, groupware software, web based mail system, IP PBX and EDMS.

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What is G-Ware CC (Communication Center) - IP Centrex Solution

Providing communication enviroment which is more economic and efficient than the existing one, this solution endows enterprise with communication facilities for diverse communication service & cost reduction. As such, it enables customers to construct and operate IP Centrex that provides enterprise and organization with total IP communication service.
Thanks to the application of the latest technology and DB structure that uses MS-SQL server, it provides stable service of enterprise market. In combination with enterprise cooperation function of G-Ware, it perfectly plays the role of diverse Communication Center.

      Product composition

1. IP-PBX : Making all PBX function necessary to connect telephone available on IP, this server function controls of Inbound / Outbound Call by embodying same function at low price without installing the existing expensive PBX.
2. IVR Server : Program composed of diverse voice scenario such as automatic response service, ARS service, etc.
3. Recording Server : Recording the voice requested at SIP Server to control it as digital file, this program controls it as indexed DB.
4. API : API is provided so that it can be combined and operated in diverse solutions and provided interface linked with solutions such as CRM, Messenger, Groupware,etc.

      Features of G-Ware CC


      G-Ware CC System Overview

Next generation communication system (Internet phone and multimedia communication)
G-Ware CC series products are an IP-based next generation communication system that provides VoIP, video telephony, and multimedia communication by integrating various features such as IP-PBX, Internet gateway, network server and application server into a single product.

Excellent flexibility (designed to accommodate diverse customer environment and local conditions)
Designed to support and readily accommodate diverse customer environment and conditions, G-Ware CC System is an optimum solution for local VoIP server developed solely by Korean technology, which supports various telephony features, NAT environment, flexible interworking with legacy PBX and analogue telephone networks, etc.

Integrated multifunctional system (One-box)
Various functions and services are integrated into the One-box by default, which, comparing to the multi-box products, requires less cost for system implementation, less installation and maintenance efforts, and thus has advantage in overall TCO cut.

Future investment protection (SIP standard based)
Without having to replace or modify its equipment and modules to support All-IP environment in the future, G-Ware CC System is a standard based system that provides advanced multimedia and All-IP services and thus protects your future investment.

Easy operation (Windows-based operation)
G-Ware CC System supports a set of GUI Admin tools that runs on Windows PCs, which provides easier OM&A, maximum productivity, and an easy-to-use interface for configuring all settings.

Useful management functionality (real time monitoring and scheduling)
You can monitor in real time the detailed call history over the system, current connection status, user SIP message status, phone line status, etc. and can periodically back up and schedule system setting, voice mail messages, fax, call history, etc.

Easy to use
Regardless of location, users may get IP telephony service from another area or any area over Internet and move to any location without restriction of the phone location and the port.

Various user environments
With integrated PC client software for user, you may use an address book, call details, call processing rule, message transmission rule, voice mail, fax, instant message, chatting, and status display features.

Reliability tested from application environment
- Implementation case: Monami Co., Ltd, KTX Express Delivery, LGT Telemarketing Center, etc
- Common Carrier: Perfect interworking with the service networks of KT, Samsung Networks, SK Telink, etc
- Standard-based compatibility: Compatible with ten or more domestic/foreign products of SSW, SIP server, GW, etc
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